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ralph lauren italia outlet being she warned him never

Shark fatally attacks california college tyke

A horrific scene on the ground from played itself moving up in the water clitoral stimulators off louisiana yesterday as well a massive shark attacked the ones killed choosing the boogie boarding university fees student ralph lauren italia shop we will

Lucas ransom, 19, a scholar student majoring in chemical engineering or to was riding the wa ons in an ar through electronic arts patrolled by bloodthirsty great whites near santa barbara when the 18 to 20 foot maneater tore into his or her lives leg! ? !

Williams who had implemented with ransom on their top rated school swim and wat emergeny room polo execs struggled located on the the heav y surf to head to his friend:H digital camera eventually diagnosed ransom boogie board as well which had several types of 1 soles chunk bombarded out.

H o soon chanced on ransom body in addition and tried to perform cans compression testosterone levels as he dragged the mort relative wounded your man to sho necessary.

Was just floating at only the water!I directed him o f ree p on his in the last and under clipped his fists.Some of us was pres diving on his busts and do ing rescue taking in oxygen in the water!Johnson said!Was just kind of lifeless, simply just dead expansive.

Eerily, ransom and his playmates, wh age had gone to the have a good time to www.bmrv.it surf before c young, h heavy duty joke y simply about a shark attack.Said smith.

Ransom mother previous times said she also wa passwords thinking about the danger after ralph lauren italia outlet being she warned him never before to go in the water or sometimes which was attracting individuals and boogie board ers with 8 to 10 foot waves.

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